This and that 2005-07-29

July in Sweden is a month when almost everyone (except me) is on vacation and Sweden takes a break for a while. However working during this period is actually pretty sweet. I get time to do things I been putting off all year, all those low priority issues. OK, so it’s quite depressing to when all […]

What makes a good consultant?

A couple of weeks ago I found my self in a situation where someone asked me ”what does it mean to be a consultant to you?”. Not at all anticipating the question I answered without really thinking and went on about top of the line technical knowledge etc. Walking away from this situation I started […]

Revensspjäll (In Swedish)

Kvällen var dock inte helt bortkastad trots SharePoint-strul. På vägen hem gled jag förbi Östermalmshallen i Stockholm och för att handla på mig Kamben (tunna och små revbenspjäll). Jag har nämligen en liten mission och det är att komma så nära Texas Long Horns BBQ-ribs som det bara går, för de är grymma. De hade […]

What a night… Uninstalling SharePoint

Started out fair enough. Installed Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server to learn a little and take it for a spin. Realized when I installed it that I accidentally installed the MSDE along with it, figure I don’t need it sense I already have a SQL server. So I start uninstalling, no problems uninstalling in the MSDE […]

Error in dasBlog accessing Comment page

I’m just starting out with dasBlog (and blogging to as a matter of fact). dasBlog where apealing to me because there is no database needed, a real simple install. However I ran into a little problem trying to access the comments page I got an exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of […]

Obvious API’s

Sat down today trying to get some legacy code under tests. I started out with a fairly simple test… I taught. [Test]publicvoid XmlGetsBiggerWhenCustomerInformationIsProvidedTest() {     XmlDocument inXmlDoc =new XmlDocument();     inXmlDoc.LoadXml(SetUp_GetInXml());     CustomerFetcher customerFetcher =new CustomerFetcher();          XmlDocument outXmlDoc = customerFetcher.PopulateXml(inXmlDoc);              Assert.IsTrue(outXmlDoc.InnerXml.Length > inXmlDoc.InnerXml.Length); } All I got was the red bar, and I couldn’t figure out […]