This and that 2005-07-29

July in Sweden is a month when almost everyone (except me) is on vacation and Sweden
takes a break for a while. However working during this period is actually pretty sweet.
I get time to do things I been putting off all year, all those low priority issues.
OK, so it’s quite depressing to when all your friends are on holiday. Anyway started
writing a blog post about a TDD revelation I had a while ago, but me and w.bloggar did
not see eye to eye on when a save should occur so I lost it :(. So I’ll have to start
over. Meanwhile here’s a few things that crossed my path in the last few weeks.

  • – hilarious
    site on how to build your own pen gun with laser sight out of stuff laying around
    the office.
  • Testing Feasibility Matrix – Roy Osherove wrote this
    on different approaches for getting legacy code under tests. Interesting!
    Personally I think the ”Dependency Oriented Incentive” approach is the best. But I
    got to say I usually chicken out because of the massive initial work effort and start
    with the easy parts.
  • EAP for ReSharper 2.0 started – grab your copy here!
  • Konfabulator is now free!  
  • Nini Configuration Framework
    released in version 1.0. Haven’t tried it yet but it seems pretty nifty.