Upgraded to DasBlog 1.8 Gold

So, finally got around to update this blog to the latest release of dasblog (1.8 Gold).  Now I’m hurrying away to a wedding but when I get back I’ll probably play around with the new themes to I find one I like. Had small problems with the upgrade, but nothing big (that I discovered so […]

This and that 2005-08-24

I haven’t exactly spammed this blog over the last couple of weeks, have I. The reason for that is that I’m about to get married soon so I’m planning my own wedding, helping a couple of friends with theirs and we have a new project at work, my client is trying to get a new […]

Nasty legacy code

My current project is to maintain a range of application for a financial/insurance firm. Trying to sort out a bug in some nasty legacy-code (VB.NET) I just came across this piece of code: If objDataReader(”ID_QuestionType”) = 1 Then ShowQuestion = ShowQuestionType1(ID_Question, …)If objDataReader(”ID_QuestionType”) = 2 Then ShowQuestion = ShowQuestionType2(ID_Question, …)If objDataReader(”ID_QuestionType”) = 3 Then ShowQuestion = […]

Fast working hackers

Microsoft added some sort of ”genuine serial number” check for using windows update. Though it was not very taught trough. Cracked in a week they say. Check it out here. Pretty funny if you ask me. Update 2005-08-09: Next circumvent http://www.sinhack.net/GenuineAdvantage/