On to new and big challenges

Today (hmmm, it’s after midnight and I really should be in bed) it’s two months left
until I leave my current position on Qbranch to
start working for Microsoft. Then I’ve been
with Qbranch for almost 3 years.

At Microsoft Sweden I will be entering their consulting unit by the name Services.
Where I will work as a senior consultant in Application development. It’s a huge challenge
for me that I look forward to. My good friend Mårten is
always trying to patternize his (and his friends) life and i a strong believer of
the ”Be the
”-pattern by ThoughtWork’sDave
. And I agree, in this case I’ll probably be the worst, but that will have
to make my learning curve rocket up.

One thought on “On to new and big challenges

  1. Hej hopp vännen!

    Ville mest bara önska dig all lycka i framtiden å säga att jag är glad för din skull!
    Hoppas våra vägar möts igen.

    Ha det gott!

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