Weird Sport

Sooo, in the subtitle for this blog I make a promise of expressing myself about ”weird
sports”. Haven’t been much of that so far, so it’s about time. It’s one sport in particular
I’m talking about: Underwater rugby.

I spent this weekend in Mullsjö playing
just that. Saturday was spent playing two games in the elit series and Sunday was
a start up camp for national team try-outs. Man, did I have a good nights sleep after

Here is
a first video to introduce you to the sport, it’s me saving a penalty shot. More videos
will come when I figure out how to change the upload limit.

One thought on “Weird Sport

  1. WTF?

    Den där sporten ser verkligen HELT galen ut. Finns det någon regel om vad man får göra? Nacksving är tydligen helt OK iaf 😉

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