This and That 2006-01-29

Sony Reader – Is it the death of the pocket book? Probably not, but pretty cool. Project Elixir Source Code – Microsoft releases the source code of project elixir. A VSTO Outlook add-in witch deals with integrating data from Microsoft CRM into Outlook. Decorate a WebControl – Good post by Phil Haack on ”Using a […]

Pimp up my windows

Wanna get that Vista look and feel on your Windows XP system? Or why not Mac OS X appearance?Well, check out this ”Tricking out the desktop” post by Ryan Farley. Some neat stuff there to play around with if you wanna tweak your UI a little (or a lot).

Google killer?

Hmmm, we’ll se about that but it seems Microsoft is going to pick a fight anyway. I’m talking about the concept. Check out what’s ideas are in the making for Some of it seems really promising! I wanted to centralize my favorites for years now (and been to lazy to write something my […]

Save diskspace using VPC

Since staring at Microsoft I work a lot with VPC’s (Virtual PC) and that really bloated my hard drive. Found this post by Roy Osherove addressing this issue using differencing virtual hard disks. Really neat! The basic idea is that you install a base-disk (for example base_Win2003Sp1) and then extend it with differencing disk for […]

TechReady Part I

So guess what, still raining in Seattle. Who’d guess. Anyway, I’ll try to wrap up some of my experiences here. First’s day’s keynote at TechReady was held by Steve Ballmer the CEO of Microsoft. This was an amazing event to witness. Man, the guy knows how to handle a crowd! Action, energy and a clear […]

TechReady in Seattle

I’m currently in Seattle attending the Microsoft internal TechReady conferance. I have not been able to blog like I would have wanted and the reason is overload in the networks. The wi-fi hotspots and the hotels network in not dimensioned for handling this amount of Microsoft consultants. I’ll try to better myself and if I […]