D-Link junk

The last weeks down times on my blog (as if anybody would have noticed) is on the conscience of my crappy D-Link DI-624 brodband router. It resetted itself without telling me about it. I used to like D-Link produkts, but now it seems they lost track of quality.

Shipping and release schedules

In software today tighter release cycles seems to be the tune. To release something early to a targeted group and then continuous releasing updates, fixes and features in short cycles. Take Visual Studio for example that had beta 1, beta 2, RTM and Service Pack 1 targeted for release in the third quarter of 2006. […]

Intellisense for Sql scripts

This is an issue that I been wondering about for years, why is there no intellisense for Sql code in Visual Studio (later version). I mean it’s an amazing tool with a lot of useful stuff in it. So how hard could it be… Ok, it’s easy to complain. Anyway, now there seems to be […]

Presentation Anti-Patterns

Came across Jef Atwood’s post How Not to Give a Presentation today. Wich I got to say is both hilarious and truthful. Among the highligts is ”Begin by establishing how impressing you are”, ”Read every word on you slides” (reminds me of an old high school teacher I had) & ”Don’t take any questions”.