Change computer name using wmic

I don’t know if you know, but there is a command line interface (CLI) for WMI and it’s called WMIC! It’s pretty powerful stuff. You don’t need to write VB scripts for theese tasks, just do it in the command line. As usual when such stuff is available from the command line readability suffers (at […]


A new initiative from Microsoft to support open source development. Ment to replace GotDotNet in time I guess (and it’s about time to) check out CodePlex! With flag ships like NUnit! Also read Cory Foy’s post about it.


What’s up with all the idiotic lawsuits now. I’m not primarly taking about the microsoft-google situation. Last week I read that Creating was pressing charges against Apple iPod for something and now Symantec sues Microsoft in an attempt to delay Vista. Theese kind of lawsuits really pisses me off. Creative should just have made there […]

101 Samples for Visual Studio 2005

Nice collection of samlple code for Visual Studio 2005 both in C# an VB.Net. The samples include: Changing ACL (Access Control Lists) on files Console Enhancements including buffer control, simple animations and colors Downloading files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Network Programming including PING, UDP, and TCP network statistics Using the new Stopwatch class […]