Is a test without an assert a test?

Right now I’m reading a, so far, good article on the MVP pattern. The article Model View Presenter at MSDN Mag. The author is taking a TDD approach and the first test he writes looks like this: [Test] publicvoid ShouldLoadListOfCustomersOnInitialize() { mockery = new Mockery(); ICustomerTask mockCustomerTask = mockery.NewMock<ICustomerTask>(); IViewCustomerView mockViewCustomerView = mockery.NewMock<IViewCustomerView>(); ILookupList mockCustomerLookupList […]

Cloning Objects

Quite a while ago I wrote a post about Obvious API’s. To solve that problem I ”Cloned” an XmlDocument object by creating a new and inserting the xml string from the original object. I was not at all satisfied with that solution but with a deadline around the corner and a working solution. Hey what […]