Foxit Reader – blazing fast

I’ve seen Scott Hanselman blogging about Foxit Reader for reading PDF’s a couple of times. So when Adobe started thier shit about not wanting Microsoft to put a ”Save as PDF…” button/menu option in Offie 2007, I figured it was time to try something new. I also have had problems with Acrobat Reader not closing […]

iPod De-Glorified

My earlier appraisals of my iPod all rapidly went out the window two weeks ago when it just died on me. After struggling with it to about 3 in the night/morning I finally was able to reformat it using Apple’s application for doing so. One small setback though, the hardrive shrinked from 60 GB to 16 […]

Using VHDMount under Windows XP

I’ve installed Virtual Server 2005 SP2 Beta1 and was thrilled to find the tool VHDMount. It’s used to map up virtual hardrives (vhd’s) as regular drives in windows. Only I ran in to a slight problem under XP. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Virtual Server\Vhdmount>vhdmount.exe /m ”g:\Work\VPC’s\MOSS 2007 Tech Resource CD\MOSSBeta2.vhd” Virtual Disk Service (VDS) is not available. […]

A good book

This summer I’ve been reading The Pragmatic Programmer by Andy Hunt and David Thomas. And there is nothing else to do but to join the masses of appraisers. It’s a really good read. The stuff these boys introduce and advocates is good. The only thing I really found my self disagreeing to was the part about writing […]

Long Time No Say

Sooo, this blog been quiet far to long now. I’ve been on vacation and mostly disconnected. So this week has been mostly about starting working and catching up on mail, feeds etc. There has been happening a lot of stuff. For one Windows Live Writer came out in beta (this is by the way my […]