Vista Gems: Snipping Tool

This is probably one of those everyone-else-but-me-alread-know-about-this kinda moments. But in Vista there is a built in snipping tool. What this tool does it helps you taking dumps of a specific portion of the screen. Not like Print Screen which only allows the whole screen or the active window to be captured.

Inline search for IE

While on the subject of additions to Vista this is a must have addition for Internet Explorer. Inline Search! What it does is pretty simple, it mimics FireFox’s way of doing search in pages. I love that feature in FireFox and now I can have it in IE, now that’s a good thing.

Start++ is tha bomb

Back when I was running XP I was a big fan of launchers, personally I really liked Colibri and Launchy. Could never decide winch one I liked best. When I upgraded to Vista a while back the built in launcher in the start menu does the trick for me. But good just got better with […]