Converting a Html News Page to RSS

This have been my little weekend project this weekend (ok, some Christmas preparations to). Background As some of you know I play underwater rugby. The communication from the Swedish Underwater Rugby Association to it’s members is mainly through the news page on their site’s news page: (in Swedish). This page is only exposing HTML […]

Getting into Twitter

Everybody is talking about twitter, tweet this and tweeting that. And I haven’t really got the point yet. So this Saturday during a Chili cook out my friends Mårten and Johan tried to explain it to me. They did a job good enough to make me give it a try anyway. So I’m now on […]

Adobe PDF iFilter now in 64-bit

Finally! Adobe released a 64 bit version of the PDF iFilter. You can get it here: But before you decide if this is the iFilter you wanna go with. Check out Je Li’s performance measurements comparing Adobes and Foxit’s iFilter: