Getting into Twitter

twitter_logo_sEverybody is talking about twitter, tweet this and tweeting that. And I haven’t really got the point yet. So this Saturday during a Chili cook out my friends Mårten and Johan tried to explain it to me.

They did a job good enough to make me give it a try anyway. So I’m now on

I haven’t said a twittering word yet, I think I’m going to listen for a while first to get the gist of it.witty

So I got an account what’s the next thing you do. See if you can find some cool apps to get you on your way, of course. I found Witty which seems to be a nice open source, WPF app. And hey, glossy buttons always makes adoption easier :).

One thought on “Getting into Twitter

  1. Welcome, and just to add to the confusion you might just want to check out some of the competition such as Jaiku or . I myself is currently on the latter and have forward everything to twitter.

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