Using Polar ProTrainer on Multiple Computers (using dropbox)

I use Polar ProTrainer 5 to track all my physical training (running, underwater rugby, crossfit and so on). I also have multiple computers and want to be able to access and sync my watch from anyone of them. When I travel in my work that becomes extra important.

So here is how I solved it.


IR Stick

irda_usb_240x298First of all I had to get a IR USB stick after upgrading my last computer to 64-bit. The only one I found that supports 64-bit  was Polar’s own. Very expensive, but it works. Polars info about the IrDA adapter can be found here.




You need a dropbox account.

I located my personal folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Polar\Polar ProTrainer\Niklas Nihén it might be under compability files (Vista and later) C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Polar\Polar ProTrainer. Then I copied that to my Dropbox folder.


Then I installed Polar ProTrainer 5 on my new computer. When installed you’re promted to create a new User. Ther I chosed to create a New Person.


Then I selected Add Existing Person… 


Then I browsed to my pdd-file from the “old” copied profile.


I was up and running. Then I installed Polar ProTrainer on my other computer and added the profile in exactly the same manner.

Viola! I can sync my watch with any of the computers and it shows up on all of them. Probably not at all supported by Polar but it works for me Smile. Hopefully this helps someone else that faces the same challenge.

Happy running!