Summary of goals 2015

This is a post that probably is not of interest to anyone else but me. It’s just a way to keep myself accountable and thus hopefully achieving more of my goals.

I hade a few goals 2015, let’s see how I did:

Weight 85 kg

Actually I did reevaluate this goal when preparing for the world championship in underwater rugby. I realized that after loosing quite a lot of weight that I need to weigh more than 85 kg. So I’ll mark this as a success.

Read 15 books

Success. See my goodreads profile

One blogpost per month

Fail. Wrote 11. Report from jetpack:

Update my linkedin profile


Look into starting my own business

Success. Started :).

Finish renovating my daughters room

Fail. Had to put this a little on hold when we got a summer house

Personal finance, make budget


Speak at meet up

Fail. I reached out to nodejs sthlm but nothing that panned out.

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