Mac Tool Tip #1: Mailplane

I’ve been using gmail for a long time and have been using the web UI. Keyboard shortcuts enabled of course. Then I started realising the the it drowned visually among the other tabs in chrome. So I pinned it to the first tab, which was ok but not awesome. When I switched to Mac after […]

Water level notifier – home IoT, sending text messages using a Particle Photon

(This is also posted at medium: as a little A/B-test :)). So, I’ve been itching to do a little IoT project at home. Last thing I did was the a little “information radiator” telling us how long before the bus leaves (here). Now I wanted to do something else fun and useful. So in […]

Docker Compose Config

Diving into docker compose files (docker-compose.yml) there is a lot of keywords used. Some are obvious, others not. Here’s a little cheat sheet, not at all total coverage but hopefully a few nuggets to get started. docker-compose file build Build points to your Dockerfile. If it’s named Dockerfile and resides in the same directory as […]

Summary of goals 2015

This is a post that probably is not of interest to anyone else but me. It’s just a way to keep myself accountable and thus hopefully achieving more of my goals. I hade a few goals 2015, let’s see how I did: Weight 85 kg Actually I did reevaluate this goal when preparing for the […]