Reading Re-ignited

I’ve long been a person that wants to read a lot, but I seldom seemed to have the time. I didn’t want to haul massive books around on my commute because I of my sour back and when I did I often seemed to have the wrong book with me. So I didn’t read at […]

Is a test without an assert a test?

Right now I’m reading a, so far, good article on the MVP pattern. The article Model View Presenter at MSDN Mag. The author is taking a TDD approach and the first test he writes looks like this: [Test] publicvoid ShouldLoadListOfCustomersOnInitialize() { mockery = new Mockery(); ICustomerTask mockCustomerTask = mockery.NewMock<ICustomerTask>(); IViewCustomerView mockViewCustomerView = mockery.NewMock<IViewCustomerView>(); ILookupList mockCustomerLookupList […]

This and That 2006-01-29

Sony Reader – Is it the death of the pocket book? Probably not, but pretty cool. Project Elixir Source Code – Microsoft releases the source code of project elixir. A VSTO Outlook add-in witch deals with integrating data from Microsoft CRM into Outlook. Decorate a WebControl – Good post by Phil Haack on ”Using a […]

Ken Schwaber in Sweden

Ken Schwaber, one of the founders of SCRUM, is visiting Sweden in february. He going to give one Scrum Master Certification 2 day workshop and one half day Introduction to Scrum. All in the regime of the Uppsala based company Citerus.

Microsoft TDD Guidelines

It’s been spreading trough out the blog sphere. Microsoft released a set of guidelines for test driven development, witch can be found here. I think it’s good Microsoft takes test driven development for real, but these guidelines simply aren’t test driven development in my eyes. I think you should write one test, make it pass […]