Getting a hang on twitter

This is just a fairly pointless rant on twitter usage, so if it don’t fall within your sphere of interest, stop reading now! 🙂 A while back I wrote a post about starting to twitter. I’m starting to get a hang of it now. The thing that seems a little conflicted in my mind is […]

Converting a Html News Page to RSS

This have been my little weekend project this weekend (ok, some Christmas preparations to). Background As some of you know I play underwater rugby. The communication from the Swedish Underwater Rugby Association to it’s members is mainly through the news page on their site’s news page: (in Swedish). This page is only exposing HTML […]

Getting into Twitter

Everybody is talking about twitter, tweet this and tweeting that. And I haven’t really got the point yet. So this Saturday during a Chili cook out my friends Mårten and Johan tried to explain it to me. They did a job good enough to make me give it a try anyway. So I’m now on […]

FeedBurner Acquired by Google

This was news to me, tough with my low reader count I don’t hang around FeedBurner much checking my stats. Google acquired FeedBurner. I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing, time will have to show. But I can draw one quick conclusion. Now Google is profiling me even more. I kinda […]

Back online

Hard disk failure, becoming a father and some nasty lung embolus sh**t has kept me offline and my server in a broken state. (No it’s not my lungs) This is actually my first hard disk failure ever so I was kinda taken by it. Tough I managed to extract the blog database under some heavy […]

Burning my Feed

I’ve decided to walk down the path so many have before me. I’m burning my feed using FeedBurner. So, If you got an aggregator with any self respect, it should fix it for you and all you have to do is nothing. If you have a crappy aggregator you need to change the feed URL […]

Feed Reader

A couple of months back I went on a little rampage trying to find the ultimate feed reader for my needs. I tried a couple. Google Reader, Rss Bandit, Newsgator for Outlook. When push came to shove I Omea Reader won my hart. I liked it a lot, only big draw back was that it […]

Long Time No Say

Sooo, this blog been quiet far to long now. I’ve been on vacation and mostly disconnected. So this week has been mostly about starting working and catching up on mail, feeds etc. There has been happening a lot of stuff. For one Windows Live Writer came out in beta (this is by the way my […]