Presentation Anti-Patterns

Came across Jef Atwood’s post How Not to Give a Presentation today. Wich I got to say is both hilarious and truthful. Among the highligts is ”Begin by establishing how impressing you are”, ”Read every word on you slides” (reminds me of an old high school teacher I had) & ”Don’t take any questions”.

On to new and big challenges

Today (hmmm, it’s after midnight and I really should be in bed) it’s two months left until I leave my current position on Qbranch to start working for Microsoft. Then I’ve been with Qbranch for almost 3 years. At Microsoft Sweden I will be entering their consulting unit by the name Services. Where I will […]

What makes a good consultant?

A couple of weeks ago I found my self in a situation where someone asked me ”what does it mean to be a consultant to you?”. Not at all anticipating the question I answered without really thinking and went on about top of the line technical knowledge etc. Walking away from this situation I started […]