Exploring It!

Read the book Explore It!: Reduce Risk and Increase Confidence with Exploratory Testing by Elisabeth Hendrickson during the summer. All in all it was a pretty good, fast read. Only 160 pages – which was really compelling to me not being a tester just wanting to broaden my horizons a little. For me it wasn’t […]

Nice little cache library for Nancy

Built a little NancyFX app for a customer where multiple browsers now are pulling the Nancy web app. This tunnels trough to the backend (which is not a regular database) and generates a little too much traffic for IT to be happy. For a long term solution to this I’m leaning towards SignalR but I […]

Podcast I Listen To

I listen to a few podcasts and get a few questions what I listen to, so here is the list. Technology related Hanselminutes Good compact content, mostly development related with it’s base in the Microsoft world. But there is some content on other technology stacks to. Some stray off shows but I like that. Awesome […]

Neat Trace Writer Trick

This is one that my colleague Mattias showed me. When I code SharePoint solutions I’m always to put in some diagnostics logging just so that I can turn it on and se what happens. There is (as always) a couple of options here. Write to the ULS logs, which I guess is the preferred way […]