Getting a hang on twitter

This is just a fairly pointless rant on twitter usage, so if it don’t fall within your sphere of interest, stop reading now! 🙂 A while back I wrote a post about starting to twitter. I’m starting to get a hang of it now. The thing that seems a little conflicted in my mind is […]

Converting a Html News Page to RSS

This have been my little weekend project this weekend (ok, some Christmas preparations to). Background As some of you know I play underwater rugby. The communication from the Swedish Underwater Rugby Association to it’s members is mainly through the news page on their site’s news page: (in Swedish). This page is only exposing HTML […]

Getting into Twitter

Everybody is talking about twitter, tweet this and tweeting that. And I haven’t really got the point yet. So this Saturday during a Chili cook out my friends Mårten and Johan tried to explain it to me. They did a job good enough to make me give it a try anyway. So I’m now on […]

Vista updates available

There is two major updates released for Windows Vista, they will probably be rolled up into Vista Service Pack 1, but if you’re like me and always want the latest and the greatest (ok, sometimes my early adoptions been a little premature and not always great;)) on your box, go get them.

Vista Battery Saver

Just stumbled upon this little utility at CodePlex: Vista Battery Saver. Installed it on my laptop and it seems very promising. It can be configured to do smart things like change your power plan when you unplug the power cord and vise versa. Other things it does is to disable Aero and the Sidebar. 

Vista Gems: Snipping Tool

This is probably one of those everyone-else-but-me-alread-know-about-this kinda moments. But in Vista there is a built in snipping tool. What this tool does it helps you taking dumps of a specific portion of the screen. Not like Print Screen which only allows the whole screen or the active window to be captured.