Sticky Porperties on Azure

A while ago I wrote about Deployment Slots – A short intro on Azure. In that post I complained about that there was no way to keep some setting(s) from follow along with the deployment slot in the swap face. Turns out I was wrong or Microsoft added it after I wrote about it. Now […]

Nice little cache library for Nancy

Built a little NancyFX app for a customer where multiple browsers now are pulling the Nancy web app. This tunnels trough to the backend (which is not a regular database) and generates a little too much traffic for IT to be happy. For a long term solution to this I’m leaning towards SignalR but I […]

Podcast I Listen To

I listen to a few podcasts and get a few questions what I listen to, so here is the list. Technology related Hanselminutes Good compact content, mostly development related with it’s base in the Microsoft world. But there is some content on other technology stacks to. Some stray off shows but I like that. Awesome […]

A few stumbling steps with RestSharp

I have this little console application for creating tasks in Outlook. I usually use it from Launchy to create tasks fast ant trying to keep the context switch as low as possible. The code can be found here: Trellofying it I read the book Personal Kanban a while back and thought I would give […]

A bit of fun with OData

So this post has really no big point. I started out by the fact that I’m a heavy user of Tasks in Outlook, as I have eluded to earlier: Much of my personality comes form being an athlete (and a geek) and as the mentality from that is to always improve you’re self. But […]

Accessing Built In SharePoint fields

When you’re accessing built in SharePoint fields (such as Title) from code, do you go: listItem[”Title”] = xVar; listItem[0] = xVar; Don’t! Have a look at SPBuiltInFieldId that keeps tracks of the Id’s for the built in fields for you: string title = myListItem[SPBuiltInFieldIds.Title];