Goal Summary 2011

Spend time with my daughter – I’ve spent a lot of time with my daughter. PASSED Be flexible – Hard to measure, my wife (the project leader) has given me a lot of crap for setting a goal that’s not measurable. With two kids, both me and my wife working full time and me doing […]

Yearly Goals – Half Time

I’ve stopped with the monthly updates due to some non-encouraging feedback. However, half-time is big so here’s the half-time update. Spend time with daughter – on track, not much to say. Loose Weight – Also on track. I’ve been down at 90 kg and now I’m leveling out at 91-92 kg which seems to be […]

Goals follow-up 3 of 12

Time for the third follow up on how this years goals are going. Damn time moves fast. Spend time with my daughter – going along nicely. Due to some sickness I’ve almost spent to much time with her . Loose weight – Going good except around the 14th I was alone with the kids for […]

Goals follow-up 2 of 12

Time for the second follow up on how this years goals are going. Spend time with my daughter – Spot on! She is actually “helping” me write this post. She also decided not to sleep a night for time being so the time we spend together is a little to much for my taste . […]

Goals follow-up 1 of 12

As my friend Johan points out, the first month of 2011 has reached its end. So how am I doing against the original goals? Spend time with my daughter – Hell yeah! We’re still in a finding-the-routine phase, but it’s awesome. Lose weight – getting there. My problem is that when I turn up the […]

Goal Post 2011

So, this is the thing to do I have understood. To write up a “goal post” in the beginning of the year. I don’t mean a goal post as in the picture but a post about my goals. I know you got that straight up, but I still had to be the smart ass . […]

Back online

Hard disk failure, becoming a father and some nasty lung embolus sh**t has kept me offline and my server in a broken state. (No it’s not my lungs) This is actually my first hard disk failure ever so I was kinda taken by it. Tough I managed to extract the blog database under some heavy […]

Dropped off the blog radar

Uhm, 1,5 months since my last post… Not good, I really have to shape things up! I’ve been to busy for my own good. Anyway, as I mentioned earlier my team made it to the Swedish Championship Playoffs this year (for the first time) and things went well! We came home from Helsingborg (the city […]

iPod De-Glorified

My earlier appraisals of my iPod all rapidly went out the window two weeks ago when it just died on me. After struggling with it to about 3 in the night/morning I finally was able to reformat it using Apple’s application for doing so. One small setback though, the hardrive shrinked from 60 GB to 16 […]