What’s up with all the idiotic lawsuits now. I’m not primarly taking about the microsoft-google situation. Last week I read that Creating was pressing charges against Apple iPod for something and now Symantec sues Microsoft in an attempt to delay Vista. Theese kind of lawsuits really pisses me off. Creative should just have made there […]

Productivity in Outlook 2003

This Monday I attended a course on how to work more effective in Outlook. The course is based on the philosophy in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. So it’s not all about Outlook YOU have to change some things to :). The first thing we did when cranking up Outlook […]

Shipping and release schedules

In software today tighter release cycles seems to be the tune. To release something early to a targeted group and then continuous releasing updates, fixes and features in short cycles. Take Visual Studio for example that had beta 1, beta 2, RTM and Service Pack 1 targeted for release in the third quarter of 2006. […]

Presentation Anti-Patterns

Came across Jef Atwood’s post How Not to Give a Presentation today. Wich I got to say is both hilarious and truthful. Among the highligts is ”Begin by establishing how impressing you are”, ”Read every word on you slides” (reminds me of an old high school teacher I had) & ”Don’t take any questions”.

Weird Sport

Sooo, in the subtitle for this blog I make a promise of expressing myself about ”weird sports”. Haven’t been much of that so far, so it’s about time. It’s one sport in particular I’m talking about: Underwater rugby. I spent this weekend in Mullsjö playing just that. Saturday was spent playing two games in the elit […]

Vildand (In swedish)

Jaha, i helgen hade man svärföräldrarna på besök och det skulle ställas till med lite fin middag på lördagen. Så vi begav oss i samlad trupp till östermalms saluhall för att köpa oss något smarrig. Min frus föräldrar var inne lite på oxfilé spåret, men jag tyckte de skulle prova något nytt. Så jag tog […]

On to new and big challenges

Today (hmmm, it’s after midnight and I really should be in bed) it’s two months left until I leave my current position on Qbranch to start working for Microsoft. Then I’ve been with Qbranch for almost 3 years. At Microsoft Sweden I will be entering their consulting unit by the name Services. Where I will […]