Mac Tool Tip #1: Mailplane

I’ve been using gmail for a long time and have been using the web UI. Keyboard shortcuts enabled of course. Then I started realising the the it drowned visually among the other tabs in chrome. So I pinned it to the first tab, which was ok but not awesome. When I switched to Mac after […]

Summary of goals 2015

This is a post that probably is not of interest to anyone else but me. It’s just a way to keep myself accountable and thus hopefully achieving more of my goals. I hade a few goals 2015, let’s see how I did: Weight 85 kg Actually I did reevaluate this goal when preparing for the […]

Kill off hung node.js processes

Venturing into node-land and swopping from Windows to Mac OS I’m going to start documenting a few “notes to self” here. If your node process hangs. For me it was a EADDRINUSE error when ever I tried to start the node app I found it quick to kill it using: ps aux | grep node […]

Switch – mindmap anteckningar

Har precis läst ut boken “Switch – how to change when change is hard” [AdLibris | Amazon | Bokus]. En riktigt bra bok måste jag säga. Diskuterar mycket om hur man får till förändringar som person, i grupper och i organisationer. Många bra tips och solid vetenskap bakom. Me like! Under tiden jag läste klottrade […]

Podcast I Listen To

I listen to a few podcasts and get a few questions what I listen to, so here is the list. Technology related Hanselminutes Good compact content, mostly development related with it’s base in the Microsoft world. But there is some content on other technology stacks to. Some stray off shows but I like that. Awesome […]

My top 5 read book 2012

So, I have written earlier about my re-ignited reading, much thanks to the Amazon Kindle. This posts comes out of that. Just to be clear, this is not necessary new book, it’s just that I’ve read them this last year. Without further ado, here’s my list. The List 1. Leadership and self-deception (getting out of […]

A few stumbling steps with RestSharp

I have this little console application for creating tasks in Outlook. I usually use it from Launchy to create tasks fast ant trying to keep the context switch as low as possible. The code can be found here: Trellofying it I read the book Personal Kanban a while back and thought I would give […]