Podcast I Listen To

I listen to a few podcasts and get a few questions what I listen to, so here is the list. Technology related Hanselminutes Good compact content, mostly development related with it’s base in the Microsoft world. But there is some content on other technology stacks to. Some stray off shows but I like that. Awesome […]

Accessing Built In SharePoint fields

When you’re accessing built in SharePoint fields (such as Title) from code, do you go: listItem[”Title”] = xVar; listItem[0] = xVar; Don’t! Have a look at SPBuiltInFieldId that keeps tracks of the Id’s for the built in fields for you: string title = myListItem[SPBuiltInFieldIds.Title];

Dumping SPList Items to a Feature

I’ve been working for a while on a project and filled up the Site Collection Images list with a lot of images get the user experience going in my virtual dev environment. When we got access to the customer environment I wasn’t in the mode to manually upload all the images again. So I wrote […]