Good Write-up on ULS Viewer

Every now and then I get a gig where I go in to a customer to help sort out an exiting problem with their SharePoint environment (get us engaged early in the projects folks, that eliminates quite a bunch of these panic engagements). When trying to get a grip on a existing environment I use […]

Neat Trace Writer Trick

This is one that my colleague Mattias showed me. When I code SharePoint solutions I’m always to put in some diagnostics logging just so that I can turn it on and se what happens. There is (as always) a couple of options here. Write to the ULS logs, which I guess is the preferred way […]

Adobe PDF iFilter now in 64-bit

Finally! Adobe released a 64 bit version of the PDF iFilter. You can get it here: But before you decide if this is the iFilter you wanna go with. Check out Je Li’s performance measurements comparing Adobes and Foxit’s iFilter:

Net Stop Sens

This post is mostly a note to self, but hopefully it can save a little time for someone. I was just cranking up a new VPC to demo some document management features for a customer. Browsing the SharePoint webs worked like a charm, creating document libraries was no problem. But when I tried to save […]

Iterating Over and Deleting SharePoint Groups Programmatically

Ever wanted to do something with the groups within SharePoint 2007 programmatically? Here is some sample code you might find useful. Iterating: public IList<string> GetAllUserGroups(string url) { IList<string> groupList = new List<string>(); using (SPSite site = new SPSite(url)) { SPGroupCollection groups = site.RootWeb.SiteGroups; foreach (SPGroup g in groups) { groupList.Add(g.Name); } } return groupList; } […]

New Search Products Announced

I’m a little late out of the start blocks here. The 6th of november the public announcements came from Microsoft for a couple of new products, namely the Serach Server 2008 family. Product page Press release The big news her imho is the Express version wich (as the rest of the Express products) is free. […]

More on SharePoint Backup/Restore

First off we released a new whitepaper on the subject: Data protection and recovery for Microsoft Office Server 2007 in small to medium sized deployments Short, neat title ah… Anyways a really good read where guidance have been somewhat mediocre. Second, Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007 is RTM:ed and it has the ability to help protect […]