World Championship in Underwater Rugby

This is not a tech post at all. It’s just me plugging the World Championship in underwater rugby coming up next week. Why am I pimping it? Because I’m playing in the Swedish National Team! So this here comes somewhat of a link dump. The tournament starts august 15th 2011 in Helsinki, Finland. I‘ll try […]

Dropped off the blog radar

Uhm, 1,5 months since my last post… Not good, I really have to shape things up! I’ve been to busy for my own good. Anyway, as I mentioned earlier my team made it to the Swedish Championship Playoffs this year (for the first time) and things went well! We came home from Helsingborg (the city […]

Soccer World Cup 2006 Excel workbook

The soccer world cup of 2006 is about to start in just4 days, I’m starting to get nervous. Luckely I just came across this excel workbook for keeping track of the games and results. Me like!

Horror in the water

We played two games of underwater rugby this saturday and lost em both! First game was against Linköping in their home arena. We pretty much controlled the game and went into half time with a 1-0 lead. Then in beginning of second half we had a very dark minute when we let them make two […]

Sweden – Nordic Champions in Underwater Rugby

As I’m sure that all of you already know on the sunday of the 26th february there was a much more important game than the Olymic final in ice hockey. Namely the finals of the Nordic Championship in underwater rugby. The Swedish team went victorious from that arena! 7-0 against Norway in the finals. (  

Weird Sport

Sooo, in the subtitle for this blog I make a promise of expressing myself about ”weird sports”. Haven’t been much of that so far, so it’s about time. It’s one sport in particular I’m talking about: Underwater rugby. I spent this weekend in Mullsjö playing just that. Saturday was spent playing two games in the elit […]