Cover Letter

This cover letter didn’t fit all on LinkedIn so here it is.

Niklas loves technology. Even more so, Niklas loves teams, being part of one, growing one, enabling one and excelling one. Everything is more fun and usually more productive when doing it with a team.

Niklas has been working as a consultant in the IT industry since 1997 and has of May 2014 started working for a startup. He started his career as a systems developer and has since then been working as a developer and architect in a variety of projects and systems, most of them focused on the web. The main part of the work has been done on the Microsoft stack but he has also used and come in contact with a great number of other technologies down the line. Lately Niklas has switched over to using a lot of Node.js and designing and developing distributed cloud architecture.

Starting from the 2007 release Niklas’s big focus has been on SharePoint (SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint Server 2010). The projects he contributed to has been everything from reviews to architecting fairly large systems. Niklas strength is his ability to grasp the big picture and not get lost in the details combined with a natural team leading ability. The roles Niklas usually holds within projects vary quite a lot with the least common denominator si that they are in touch with technology. The usual suspects are: Developer Lead, Architect, Developer, Developer Support, Technical Project Manager.

Niklas is a fan of agile methodologies and when a choice is given that’s what he’ll prefer. He has a knowledge about Kanban & SCRUM and is a certified SCRUM master. Niklas always tries to stay current with the latest technology and try to always grow as an individual and professional. He follows a great number of blogs, twitter and podcasts to keep up to date. In the spirit of the Pragmatic Programmer “Learn a new langue per year” (which he doesn’t) he ventures into other languages and frameworks such has Ruby on rails and Go to widen his horizons and become an overall better technician. Niklas also keeps his own blog (available at which he doesn’t have time to update as frequently as he would like and he is also en Twitter as @nippe. He is an athlete and team player at an elite level and lives by the motto “you can always improve”. A lot of Niklas team leading philosophy comes from his experiences leading and being a part of sport teams. He advocates an open and humorous atmosphere in the teams/projects.

Niklas has been working quite a bit with remote/dispersed teams and believe that this model has a very large upside with a little bit of legwork.

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